New Site!!


Hi everyone,

I have made a new site to replace Where Is My Screen News?

It’s not a radical change. The new site is My Screen News

It’s going to be the same content (hopefully better) and then some.

I will use the wordpress site redirect to make sure you go to the right page.

In the meantime i’d love it if you visit the new site and subscribe to e-mail so you don’t miss any updates.

The new site is going through some teething problems at the moment, but i’m working on fixing them as fast as i can.

The Facebook and Twitter page are still functioning and I’d love it if you followed me on their as well. (I’m not asking a lot am I?)

I’m not the most technologically advanced person and I run the site by myself, so if you see anything that doesn’t look right, please let me know. I’m trying to make it a great place for you to get up to date tv news.

Thanks for following my site and hopefully you will join me on my next adventure!

Again, the new site is My Screen News 


– CJ


About CJ

Website guy @ My Screen News. Runner, Coffee drinker, TV watcher and massive sports fan!

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