The Grinder Earns Another 9 Episodes

FOX have given their new series The Grinder another nine episodes in their first season.

The series opened up to an average of nearly 5 million viewers in it’s first episode, but the ratings have dropped off slightly, and after four episodes have averaged 3.4 million viewers.

It seems a bit of a surprise that the series has been given a back-nine episode order since the ratings haven’t been stellar.

The extra nine episodes will bring the first season’s tally to 22.

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The Grinder revolves around Hollywood star Dean Sanderson, Jr. (Rob Lowe) whose TV show was suddenly cancelled. He relocates to his old hometown and decides that, since he played a lawyer so successfully on television, practicing law at his family’s law firm can’t be all that different — much to the frustration of his hard-working attorney brother (Fred Savage). The series also stars William Devane, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Natalie Morales, Hana Hayes, and Connor Kalopsis.


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