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What’s Hitting the Big Screen this week?


Movies that are to be released on December 12, 2014.

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RENEWED – Maron – Season 3


Maron has been renewed for a third season by IFC.

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RENEWED – Louie – Season 5


FX have renewed ‘Louie’ for a fifth season.  Word is that it will only be a 7 episode season, compared to it’s usual 13 episodes.

Louie is a comedy starring comedian Louis C.K. where he plays himself, a divorced father with two kids living in New York.

Already with 2 Emmy’s to it’s name, it has been nominated for another 5 this year. Louie will return to screens next year.

CANCELLED – Legit – Season 2


Today, FXX has cancelled the comedy ‘Legit‘ after two seasons and it will not be coming back for a third.

Legit revolves around a fictional version of Australian stand-up comic Jim Jefferies who’s made it big on the comedy circuit in the US and now wants to grow up. His alcoholic best friend, Steve (Dan Bakkedahl), and Steve’s brother, Billy (DJ Qualls) who suffers from muscular dystrophy. Episodes are based on Jeffries’ stand-up routines.

The series has struggled in the ratings, particularly once it moved from FX to FXX. As a result, the cable channel has decided they don’t want a third season.

Legit aired 26 episodes over two seasons.

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