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CANCELLED – Hart of Dixie – Season 4


It seems it’s time to say good-bye to Blue Bell after four seasons.

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Here is Your Screen News! – Dec 7 – Dec 13

Here is the latest news from the past week.

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WEEK IN REVIEW – 4/5/14 – 12/5/14 – 43 TV shows have had their future decided.


Wow. It’s been a busy last few days for the TV companies with 43 different shows either being Renewed or Cancelled. I was away at a wedding on the weekend, so that’s the reason for the lack of updates. So instead of posting each shows outcome and clogging up your stream with 43 different posts, i thought i would do a post of cancelled and a post that is renewed and also the list here.  I know a lot of TV shows that i have liked have been cancelled and i was surprised by a few of them. It certainly is frustrating when you start getting into a new show and they cancel either after only a few episodes or just after one season. Alas, i guess it’s a cut-throat business, and if you aren’t pulling in the numbers and the money, then you will be cancelled. So onto the lists!

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RENEWED – 23 Shows that have been renewed

The networks were kind to a few shows this time around with 23 shows being renewed. Although only 5 of the 23 are ones that have only aired their first season this year. The other 18 have been given the green light a few times and some multiple times.

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