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Who are the Highest Paid Actresses in TV?

*NOTE* The list was also released in September 2015, I know I’m a bit behind, however when the new list comes out this year, I will post it.

Yesterday I posted a list of the highest paid actors in television, so today you can find out how much the top actresses get paid in Hollywood.

Check out the top 15 female earners in 2015 on TV.

1. Sofia Vergara: $28.5 million (Modern Family)
1. Kaley Cuoco: $28. 5 million (The Big Bang Theory)
3. Julie Bowen: $12 million (Modern Family)
4. Ellen Pompeo: $11.5 million (Grey’s Anatomy)
5. Mariska Hargitay: $11 million (Law & Order: SVU)
6. Julianna Margulies: $10.5 million (The Good Wife)
6. Amy Poehler: $10.5 million (Parks & Recreation)
8. Mindy Kaling: $9 million (The Mindy Project)
9. Patricia Heaton: $7 million (Everybody Loves Raymond & The Middle)
9. Kerry Washington: $7 million (Scandal)
11. Tina Fey: $6.5 million (30 Rock)
11. Emily Deschanel: $6.5 million (Bones)
13. Pauley Perrette: $6 million (NCIS)
14. Robin Wright: $5.5 million (House of Cards)
15. Zooey Deschanel: $5 million (New Girl)

Again, if you look at the list, it seems comedy is paid well with over half of the list from comedy, eight to be exact. It does seem from the two lists that women are paid less than their male counterparts which was in the news last year. The top 2 Sofia Vergara and Kalye Cuoco both rake in 28.5 mil, however it drops sharply to 12 mil for Julie Bowen who is third on the list.

If you look on the men’s list, the top nine males earn more than Julie Bowen, However it seems on Modern Family, the two top earners are the women.

Drama is featured more with the ladies, where their are 7 in the top 15, compared to 4 of the men.

If you add up the top 15 earnings for the men and women you come up with these figures:

Actors: 243 million = 16.2 million avg.

Actresses: 165 million = 11 million avg.

It will be interesting to see if the totals get smaller or bigger in 2016.

The list is originally from Forbes

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