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Minority Report close to getting the axe?


FOX have cut the number of episodes of the first season of Minority Report.

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RENEWED – Humans – Season 2


AMC have renewed their new series Humans for a second season.

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RENEWED – Between – Season 2


Netflix have renewed their new show Between for a second season.

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RENEWED – 12 Monkeys – Season 2


The freshman series gets it’s first renewal.

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Ended – Ascension – Season 1


The mini-series will not be getting a full season order.

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RENEWED – The 100 – Season 3


The drama will return for a third season.

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RENEWED & ENDING – Continuum – Season 4


The Sci-Fi drama is coming to an end after next season.

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What’s Hitting the Big Screen this Week?


Movies that are to be released on November 21.

Are you looking forward to see any of these at the cinemas?

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RENEWED – Paranormal Witness – Season 4


More scary stories will be on your TV screen in 2015

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CANCELLED – The Lottery – Season 1

lottery 2

No-one wins as the futuristic drama gets denied a second season.

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TV Shows You May Have Missed – Defying Gravity


I thought I would create some posts of TV shows that you may have missed. These shows will be ones that I have seen and that may have been cancelled after only a few episodes or maybe a couple of seasons. Obviously some of these programs you would most likely have heard of or seen but hopefully I can maybe give you a new show to watch if you feel like watching something different.

So onto my first entry: DEFYING GRAVITY

Defying Gravity was a Sci-Fi show that aired on the ABC network in 2009. It aired only one season that ran for thirteen episodes.


A multinational crew of astronauts is gathered together aboard the space ship Antares for the first manned flight planned to visit all of the planets of the solar system in one grand cruise. Back on Earth, they are supported by a team of hand-picked experts. There is more to the mission, however, than anyone letting on, something that is altering the crew at the very basic genetic level, something that the select few who know about it are desperate to keep a secret.


Ron Livingston (Office Space, Band Of Brothers, Sex & The City, Boardwalk Empire)

Malik Yoba (Alphas, Revolution)

Laura Harris (Dead Like Me, 24, Women’s Murder Club)

Andrew Airlie (Reaper, Fantastic Four, Apollo 18)

Paula Garces (Devious Maids, All My Children, The Shield)

Karen LeBlanc (Cracked, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome)

Eyal Podell (The Young and the Restless, 24, Behind Enemy Lines)

Dylan Taylor (Copper, Aliens in America, Reasonable Doubt, Covert Affairs)

Christina Cox (Blood Ties, F/X: The Series, The Chronicles Of Riddick)

Now, while Defying Gravity wasn’t groundbreaking, I feel that it was a very good Science Fiction TV show. It, like many, many other TV shows we love, was cancelled just as it was finding it’s feet. The plot was all set-up for an intriguing second season and I felt it had more stories to tell.

The two lead actors, Ron Livingston and Laura Harris had very good chemistry on screen and with an engaging and varied cast, kept me coming back for more every week.

If you are a Sci-Fi fan, and haven’t checked this show out, then maybe you should go and watch it and see what you think. And if you do finish the first season and are left frustrated they finished with questions unanswered, the writer of the series wrote a blog post of what would have happened in season two if it had been made, so you can find answers to what would have happened to your favourite characters. Here is the link How the story would have ended.

If you would like to purchase Defying Gravity on DVD, you can find it here

IMDB – Defying Gravity

Hopefully you will like these posts. I can’t guarantee regularity on them at the moment. I do have a fair few shows to write about. Just have to find the time.

So have you seen Defying Gravity? If not, does it interest you? Thoughts?

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